AIA-360 – Leading supplier of sophisticated clinical diagnostic systems


The AIA-360’s compact and light weight design (40cm x 40cm x 52cm, 29kg) is suitable for physicians office laboratories, work-stations for small hospitals, cardiac and specialty testing.

The AIA-360 is automated with random access. The touch screen user interface provides easy access to screen associated with daily operations. The operator may load bar-code primary tubes or sample cups directly on the system. Once samples and test cups are loaded, all the operator needs is to press START and walk away without further operations.

The AIA-360 utilizes the same 10 minutes incubation, ST reagents as Tosoh’s AIA-600II. With a throughput of 36 tests per hour, the AIA-360 reports its first result in approximately 19 minutes.


Mode of Operation  Random access 
Capacity  36 tests/hour 
Interface  RS232C (data upload to host only)
Detector System  Top-to-top fluorescence detection 
Assay Methodology  One-step sandwich and competitive FEIA 


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