Pictus 400 – Reliable, Accurate and Simple


Pictus 400 is a compact fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer for laboratories that wish to acquire higher end technology at a lower end price.

*The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries.

  • Cost Effective – With low instrument cost, low cost reagents, and reusable cuvettes, the P400 provides one of the lowest cost reportable results the industry has to offer.
  • Easy to Operate – The system utilizes Windows based software, barcodes for sample and patient identification, and primary tube sample capability to provide for the ultimate ease of use.
  • Intelligent Sample Management – The multi-function probe offers crash detection, liquid level sensing, while mixing and pre-heat reagents when necessary.
  • Space Saving-The P400 requires only 85 cm of bench space and has a built in power supply. With a depth measuring under 58 cm, it easily fits on most all laboratory counter tops.
  • Large Data Management Capability – QC package includes Levy-Jennings plots and Westgaard rules and stores up to 100,000 patient results on board.

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