Laboratory Equipment

Medical Lab TestingHaving a POL (Physician Office Laboratory) can prove rewarding and profitable, if you take time to plan. POL’s are growing at 15% every year. There are three basic steps for determining what is right for your practice and reaping the many benefits of a POL:

* Decide which tests are medically right for your patients and your practice;
* Calculate the financial impact and return on investment (ROI)
* Choose the procedures and vendors.

In today’s competitive environment the Physician’s Office Laboratory (POL) is an increasingly important part of your practice. At Vessel Medical, we recognize that many services are migrating to the physician’s office, including many lab tests that were once performed in hospital or reference labs. Today’s POL improves patient care and can add significant revenue to the bottom line.

Vessel Medical believes in the POL and has formed a new division to serve your needs. Vessel Medical Lab Solutions (VMLS), a division of Vessel Medical, was recently formed to serve the POL community. Our mission is to help you realize your lab’s full potential by improving efficiency and uncovering new revenue opportunities. We are devoted to the lab business and strive to provide the very best products and services while maintaining the personal touch that an independent distributor brings to its customers. We are confident we can show you a few ways of increasing the revenue and savings we can bring to your office; from product standardization, to introducing revenue generating in office testing.

We are a dedicated POL partner offering quality laboratory support services for every operational area of the POL including:

* Laboratory software (LIS)
* Laboratory maintenance and management services
* Laboratory billing services

Just a sample of the savings that could be developed for your office for a few pieces of equipment (assuming a standard average rate of tests are preformed in a given month):

For a more personalized evaluation of your office’s needs, please call us at 1-866-451-6337 to speak with our highly trained agents who will be more than happy to to help you track down lost revenue.