Global 4500

Global 4500 DR - 7500 DR


Is the last member of the “Global” family, presented for the first time at Medica 2011. It has immediately aroused great interest for its elegant design and its characteristics that make it suitable to great private labs, clinics and medium-sized hospitals. Can be used either as main unit or as units of urgency or back-up.Troughput of 450 tests / hour regardless of number of reagents for each test. Graphic display of reaction curves, Levy Jennings graph, Westgard rules, remote control via the Internet. Low water consumption, minimum number of consumables and cheap maintenance costs complete the profile.

System: Discrete True Random Access chemistry analyzer; open system lockable
Test throughput: 450 test/hr photometric with 1, 2 or 3 reagents; 300 ISE tests/hr (optional)
ISE (Optional): Li+, Na+, K+, Cl-
Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, urine
Sample input: Continuous loading of samples with priority assignment (STAT sample)
Sample Identification: Identification of primary sample tubes (optional)
Sample Volume: 2-100 uL 
Sample Tray: 80 positions for primary tubes 12-13×100 and secondary cups from 2 mL;
Sample dilution: 2-100 times
Photometer 9 wavelengths 340 nm to 700 nm, 20 W/6V pre-aligned long life halogen lamp
ReactionType End point, Kinetic, Initial rate, Bichromatic, Differential, Serum blank, turbidimetric
Min.Reaction Volume
180 uL
Reagents onboard 30 mono reagent or dual-reagent in prepackaged vials ready to use;
60 positions for single liquid reagent
Reagents Identification Identification of the reagent container through the bar code (optional)
Cooling system Reagent cooling system operating by Peltier device 24 hours a day;
cooling system for controls and calibrators (optional)
Reagent Volume 180 – 380 uL
Level & Shock detector Sampler needles equipped with level and shock detector
Reaction Cell 50 optical cuvettes (path 6 mm) reusable
Washing system Automatic washing station
CPU External computer with standard features
Control Unit 17″-19″ color touch screen LCD
External printer Any printer with A4 paper
System Interfaces Interface bi-directional via RS232 serial port
Remote control: Remote control of analyzer via the Internet
Electrical requirements Line voltage 110/240 V AC;Line frequency 50/60 Hz;Power consumption 350 W 
Physical dimension Width: 1000 mm; Depth: 650 mm; Height: 550 mm; Weight: 90 Kg
Water Consumption 5 liters/600 tests
Certification compliant with CEI EN61010-2-101

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