Consulting Services

General Office Consulting:

Vessel Medical is committed to helping physicians, hospitals, offices, and their employees grow and develop workflow solutions within their medical practice or facility by improving critical elements such as the revenue cycle, practice operations and initial infrastructure required to start a new practice.  Vessel Medical provides the necessary tools and services to empower our customers to deliver the highest quality patient care while also maximizing their practice’s profitability and efficiency. One such service that Vessel Medical is proud to offer our customers is our general office consulting service. Whether your goal is to discover ways to cut costs on your general office medical supply needs or to increase efficiency of your office’s medical supply usage trends, Vessel Medical has an experienced team of consulting professionals to help you with your every need. Pricing for our general office consulting service is negotiable. Ask your customer service agent or sales representative today for details.


Services: Medical Laboratory Services includes:

MD LabPro:

A highly complex lab that specializes in medical laboratory needs. From laboratory equipments to laboratory testing.

Lab Consulting:

Since inception, Vessel Medical has stood for integrity and trust to continue to build positive relationships with the customers and communities we serve. Vessel Medical strives to provide the best customer service and the highest level of support to our clients. This corporate culture of excellence in customer service is one reason Vessel Medical is proud to offer our customers a comprehensive lab consulting program. Our lab consulting service is designed to help you meet and exceed all of your office’s laboratory diagnostic procedure needs. Vessel Medical has a dedicated team of experienced lab consultants to help you with questions related to insurance billing, specimen collection, supply cost management, and any other need you may have to make your office as efficient and cost effective as possible. Ask your customer service agent or sales professional today for more information.

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