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What is the Tosoh 360? The Tosoh 360 is an…

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5 Essential Tips On Choosing Lab Equipment For Your Needs

Buying the right kind of laboratory equipment can be a daunting task for lab professionals. Quick and accurate results for lab tests largely depend on the quality of the lab equipment used. Analytical equipment that ensures high performance can deliver accurate and prompt results for diagnostic procedures.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you buy quality devices to augment laboratory productivity and workflow. In that regard, you need to consider the following factors when purchasing laboratory equipment.

Brand and Quality

First, you need to research about various brands and models of lab devices that are available in the market before buying any lab equipment. Consider going for a product from a well-known brand to ensure functional efficiency, durability, and quality. Examples of leading manufacturers of top quality lab equipment and related products include:

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What is mini VIDAS? It is a small and automated Immunoassay system that is based on ELFA (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay) principles. The user-friendly and convenient machine provides accurate, on-demand, and reliable test results. It is a compact version of the VIDAS system that comes with a built-in keyboard, monitor, and printer. This immunoassay system is not only reliable but also economical. Because mini VIDAS uses ELFA technology, it has no carryover risks, optimizes the cost of single-sample testing per batch, and needs a one-point recalibration every two weeks.

Moreover, the menu of assays on this system is always growing. Mini VIDAS – a multiparametric analyzer – has two independent sections that accept six tests each and can process all the 12 samples simultaneously. VIDAS tests are presented in ready-to-use and individual form, with each test being composed of a SPR and STRIP. If there were only two words to describe this system, they would be simple and rapid. It requires minimal maintenance and produces most results within forty to eighty minutes. In addition, the reagents can be used in a single-dose format. Mini VIDAS is appreciated the world over because of its reliability, flexibility, and 24/7 availability.

If you want to process single sample and batch tests for different analysis, this is the system to use. It can handle a wide range of analysis, including antigen detection, serology, and immunochemistry. Up to ten different analytes can be used at the same time. All enzyme immunoassay stages are done automatically in minimal space: reading, washing, pipetting, and incubating. Then results are sent to the integrated printer immediately. Mini VIDAS is the best system to have in your laboratory for the following reasons:

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