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Hematology is the medical specialty, involving the study of the…

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Abacus 3 is a hematology analyzer that offers an optimal…

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Hematology analyzers are computerized lab equipment that is used to analyze blood samples by giving the quantities of all types of blood cells and hemoglobin. Hematology analyzers in the market today use a combination of properties light scatter and absorption, electrical impedance and conductivity and fluorescence in order to perform their function. Like any other lab equipment, a good hematology analyzer should be flexible and easy to use, safe and highly reliable, use customizable software and has the best quality control and calibration solutions.

Technical features

BC-200 is a highly innovative analyzer that uses electrical impedance principle to count blood cells and cyanide-free method for hemoglobin. It analyzes both diluted and whole blood of sample volumes 20µL and 13µL respectively. The tube holder has a cap-piercing chamber that provides four positions for tubes with different capacities (QC, 1.5ml, 3ml and 5ml). This prevents possible biological contamination. With a weight of 25 kg, the machine dimensions are 457 mm by 391 mm by 415 mm which is actually light and less bulky. Given a throughput of 60 samples per hour, the analyzer is highly efficient. It uses a large color LCD with a resolution of 800 x 600 and has up to 45 alert messages ensuring that the user is aware of everything that is going on. The analyzer operates on temperatures between 15o c and 35oc and humidity of between 30% and 80%, and you can connect it to AC of 100-240V. The best part of it is that the analyzer has 3- part differentiation of WBC and a large data storage capability of 35,000 samples with the histogram.

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