Agilent 6420

Agilent 6420


Is the last member of the “Global” family, presented for the first time at Medica 2011. It has immediately aroused great interest for its elegant design and its characteristics that make it suitable to great private labs, clinics and medium-sized hospitals. Can be used either as main unit or as units of urgency or back-up.Troughput of 450 tests / hour regardless of number of reagents for each test. Graphic display of reaction curves, Levy Jennings graph, Westgard rules, remote control via the Internet. Low water consumption, minimum number of consumables and cheap maintenance costs complete the profile.

excellent sensitiVity And unRiVAled PRoductiVity foR youR Routine QuAntitAtiVe AnAlysis

The 6420 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System offers great productivity for routine quantitative assays with rugged performance, unmatched reliability and the lowest overall cost of ownership in the Agilent Triple Quadrupole product portfolio. The 6420 provides a fast and robust solution for simultaneously quantifying, screening, and confirming
analytes using triggered MRM (tMRM).

The Agilent 6420 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS is engineered to be a workhorse system for labs that perform large numbers of quantitative assays. Updated electronics allow high speed data acquisition and fast polarity switching making the instrument an ideal choice for fast separations and high throughput analyses of diverse compound types.

the 6420 triple Quad lc/Ms is a feature-packed instrument in the Agilent triple Quadrupole product family, with:

• excellent sensitivity for many applications
• 1ms dwell time (with no collision cell cross talk)
• Very fast polarityswitching for positive and negative ion analyses
• dynamic Multiple Reaction Monitoring(dMRM)for multi-analyte methods
• triggered Multiple Reaction Monitoring (tMRM)for compound quantitation and simultaneous confirmation to avoid false positives

The 6420 Triple Quad offers full control of Agilent LC systems to provide an optimal solution for UHPLC, standard LC or nanoLC chromatography. Seamless support and a single point of service contact minimize delays and maximize your up time.


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