Agilent 6410



The 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS achieves sensitivity and resolution specifications after autotune without manual user intervention.

Parameter Measure Specification
MS/MS sensitivity and repeatability 0.5 pg of reserpine injected on column, ESI source, three concurrent MRM acquisitions, quantifying on the transition
609 to 195.
Signal-to-noise ratio >20:1, where noise = 5x RMS
Mass resolution   Three settings (FWHM)
Unit: 0.7 u; Wide: 1.2 u; Widest: 2.5 u
Mass accuracy   0.1 u across the mass range
Mass stability   <0.1 u in 24 h
Dynamic range   >6.5
Mass range   m/z
Scan rate   5,200 u/sec
Scan modes   MS scan, MS/MS product ion scan, MRM,
MS/MS neutral loss/gain scan and
precursor ion scan, SIM
Minimum MRM dwell time   5 ms with 10 MRMs
MRM transitions   99 per time segment, thousands
possible with multiple segments
Positive/negative polarity switching Time segment dependent Inter-segment delay of 1.5 sec
Collision cell   High-pressure, hexapole with linear
Cross-talk   None detectable
General System Specifications
Parameter Measure
Single point of control Single-point data system method capability with full control of Agilent 1100
and 1200 Series HPLC systems and 6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS
Time programming • Positive/negative polarity switching in a time segment
• Scan and SIM or MRM (plus other modes of data collection)
• Solvent divert through calibrant delivery system valve
• Possible 99-time segments with potential 99 MRMs per-time window
Wide range of ionization sources • Electrospray (ESI)
• Nanospray with HPLC-Chip Cube MS interface
• Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI)
• Multimode source (simultaneous ESI and APCI)
Autotune Automated optimization of ion optics and mass axis calibration
Solvent declustering Countercurrent gas
Detector High-energy conversion dynode and removable electron multiplier horn
Vacuum system One triple-stage turbomolecular pump with one mechanical pump
Warranty First year expanded warranty to include all labor, parts, and travel expenses.
Includes preventive maintenance and certain consumables.

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