Our Mission:
To provide the necessary tools and services to empower our customers to deliver the best quality patient care while maximizing their practice’s efficiency and profitability.

Vessel Medical Headquarters

Who is Vessel Medical:

Our company has been serving South Carolina and neighboring states since 1991 with a commitment to providing quality caring service in a prompt, efficient, professional manner. Since inception, Vessel Medical has stood for integrity and trust and has developed positive relationships with the customers and communities we serve. I have spent the majority of my professional career in occupations that allowed me to serve others and provide help to those in need, and Vessel Medical is no exception.

We are committed to a tradition of excellence and will exemplify the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct in all we do. As an organization, we believe our success depends upon our ability to listen and appropriately respond to the people we serve and to remain aware of the ever-changing issues and ideas. We are committed to continual learning and self-assessment in order to be the best we can be.

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