Abacus 3CT – Compact, Precise & Simple Operation


The Abacus 3CT is a compact, bench top, 60 test/hour, 3-part WBC differential analyzer with cap piercing for open and closed tube sampling with a new, easy to operate touch screen to access the new intuitive and logical user software.

  • User friendly and easy to operate -The analyzer is simple to use via the high resolution touch screen user interface. Data entry is fast and efficient due to uploading from USB or via reading QR code. It has clear warning messages to alert the user. Printing in the background does not stop the measuring process. Printing can be customized. Software has statistics to show trends.

  • Safe – The cap piercing feature enables accurate sampling and minimizes biohazard risk. Different user rights can be set up to ensure data protection. Changing of reagents are also logged and reagent expiry date is shown on the screen.

  • Proven reliability and quality – Anti-clog protection and automatic cleaning process occurs after every 15th sample measurement assuring precise results. A full QC package, USB and barcode loading of QC values and capability for print tabular report forms certify reliability and quality.

  • Closed and cost effective – The system requires the use of specially developed Diatron reagents optimized to deliver high quality results.

  • Bi-directional LIS communication – Easy integration with existing laboratory information system.


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